The Alberta Association of Child Care Operators (AACCO) is a non-profit member based association representing the interests of Alberta’s private licensed child care operators. AACCO members have years of combined experience and are focused on protecting the viability of Alberta’s child care system and providing choice to parents. 

AACCO is a grass roots initiative that has been undertaken by a group of private licensed child care operators. For too long, we have not had an industry association representing the unique needs and perspective of private operators and we hope to change that. 


A 1 year membership is available to private licensed child care operators for $150 per year. Please click here to discover the benefits of membership!

Child care is an ever evolving industry in the province of Alberta and we want to make sure that private operators have a voice in every discussion involving those matters which affect the child care industry. There is strength in numbers and by joining our association, you will help ensure that our voice is heard. 

As we grow, we will be offering value added services for members, such as referral services, mentorship programs, and hosting networking events. 


To become a member, send us a message here.  Once we receive your message, we will send you a detailed application form to fill out and return to us.